Landscape Design & Remodel

Landscape Design and Renovation

A seasoned Landscape Design & Remodel will ask you lots of exploratory questions to determine your overall vision, budget, and timeline. This process will also help you clarify your specific aesthetics and choices.

Try to focus your ideas into a few defining styles during this inspiration-gathering phase. This will set your project off on a solid footing for the future.

Custom Design

If you’re planning on transforming your landscape, there are many different routes to take. Some people are drawn to a clean CAD design, while others prefer a more free-hand approach. Either way, you need a qualified team to create and plan your project.

A well-planned landscape renovation can increase your home’s value and add a new level of comfort to your living space. It also adds a great deal of curb appeal. However, the right path to take depends on your desired outcome and your property’s unique features.

Whether you want to remove a few trees or shrubs or completely reorder your landscaping, a professional can help you plan the perfect design to meet your goals and budget. Moreover, they can help you make sure that the design is copacetic with any structural changes in your home during a remodel. For instance, a basement remodel may require removing existing landscaping, and the designers at GreenScapes can help you select the best replacement options.


A well-thought-out landscape enhances curb appeal, adds value to the home and makes a property more aesthetically pleasing and calming. However, a landscape project requires time and a working relationship between the homeowner and the designer to achieve the desired results.

Some landscape designers charge a flat fee for design plans, while others work on an hourly basis to provide designs and revisions. A good idea is to get a price quote up front from the designer so homeowners can know what to expect, and avoid getting a surprise bill for a design that’s too expensive to implement.

The cost of materials for a landscaping project is often separate from the design costs, and will vary depending on the size and complexity of the project, location, local vendor fees and inflation. Landscape architects are familiar with what’s available in the area and can recommend materials that fit a homeowner’s aesthetic and budget. They can also help set a realistic budget and guide the homeowner through the process of selecting a contractor.


Like a car or a house, your landscaping will need some major renovation work over time. It’s important to know when this is happening so you can make the best decisions for your property.

Overgrown shrubs, weeds sprouting everywhere and an outdated landscape are all signs that your yard is ready for a refresh. A landscape renovation is different than lawn care and includes more than just weeding, pruning, mulching and planting.

During this working meeting, your Designer will present a Conceptual Landscape Plan which will incorporate the input you provided during your Site Analysis appointment. Construction material selections will also be made at this time. From here, your project will move into scheduling and implementation.


Just like a car or a home, landscapes eventually need repairs beyond regular maintenance. Overgrown shrubs, trees that have lost their shape, a crumbling walkway or patio and other problems all indicate it’s time for a landscape remodel.

During a ‘working meeting’, the designer will present an illustrated site plan with your stated landscape goals in mind. This will be to scale, showing the new layout and major design elements. Construction material selections will also be discussed and agreed upon.

Once the concept design has been approved, your pro will begin to develop final construction plans. They will coordinate and hire specialty artisans such as contractors, masonry workers, woodworkers and installers. They will review these with you as well to make sure everyone is on the same page. This step can take longer than the rest of the project, but it’s vital for a successful installation. Using a unified team will ensure the best results.